Quality Assurance


In the fast changing world of electronics and the increasing risk of counterfeit and used components in the industry, it has never been more crucial to know and understand the provenance or origin of the parts we engage with.

Strict internal quality procedures from quoting to delivery. Potential new suppliers are screened and background checked through web based databases, past history, trade references and third party associates. Before we quote offered parts (If not from regular vendors or franchised suppliers), we request confirmation parts are new, unused, original and check package condition. Lot code, date code, guarantee for fit, form and function, photographs if required and COC if available. We can also request one of our approved suppliers or overseas offices to check and purchase on our behalf. This reduces the risk of non-conforming parts being received. If we have any doubts or our quality criteria not reached, we will discuss the way forward with the customer. Additional options explored, samples sent to customer, or outside full electrical testing considered.

  • Strict supplier qualification procedure.
  • Components undergo stringent quality control and inspection.
  • Full traceability, label copy and photography maintained forever.
  • MSL bake, re-packaging, testing, programming, Pb to RoHS conversion and certification can be arranged.
  • Full risk appraisal, and customer disclosure ensure no non-conforming parts reach your production line. Avoid surprises!!!

Metrocomp are fully aware of RoHS Compliancy and comply to the following requirements :

  • European Directive : 2003/11/CE
  • European Directive : 2002/95/EC
  • European Directive : 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2)
  • RoHS and non RoHS compliant parts can be supplied as requested.