Metrocomp Advantage


Your Purchasing Department just went global. Use Metrocomp as an extension of your procurement team. We care as much about your long-term success as you do. We know it can take months to gain a new customers trust, and just minutes to damage our reputation. We are selective about who we do business with and seek long-term relationships with excellent customers, rather than quick deals.

One Stop Procurement Solution

As an independent distributor, with centres around the World, we are not restricted to the type of components or brands we can support.

NPI & Samples

We understand it can be frustrating to source small quantities or samples. We have suppliers who can offer small quantities in many cases. Metrocomp do not have a Minimum Order Value, and will simply quote based on the acquisition cost. In some cases 1 piece will cost $100, and 1000 pieces will also cost $100. This is because the component cost might be $0.01 each, but the minimum acquisition costs (bank charges, carriage, packing/handling) are the same. Just advise us the status of your requirement, so we may best serve your need.

Fast Quotes

We quote RFQ's within 24hrs or less. As we scan global markets for best price and availability combinations, there will be time zone considerations. That is why we have experienced Sourcing personnel in North America, Europe and Asia. When a critical shortage is requested and component cost maybe a secondary priority, we contact all local suppliers and arrange a quotation within hours or minutes. Just advise us the status of your requirement, so we may best serve your need.

Expedited Delivery

Depending on your location, and the location of the stock we typically deliver within 2 to 5 days. In urgent cases we can ship anywhere in the World from our warehouse locations in UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Bangalore. Making most of the World accessible within 48 hours. Where possible we pass on cost saving through consolidating shipment. If your requirement is urgent, we can drop ship directly to you. This might cost more. Just advise us the status of your requirement, so we may best serve your need.

Critical Shortage Case Study – Ericsson Sweden

25 May 12:23 UK

Metrocomp UK receive enquiry from Ericsson Business Networks (Sweden) for 20000 pieces of SUB75N06-08 by Siliconix. This is a critical shortage that is going to delay the launch of a new product, planned within a few days. Telecoms infrastructure companies around the World are preparing to install new equipment.

Metrocomp UK Purchasing quickly establish the Siliconix part is un-available on the open market, and on extended lead-time from the manufacturer. Metrocomp research shows IRF3205S by International Rectifier is a pin to pin compatible, drop in replacement. Data sent to Ericsson for urgent consideration.

25 May 16:45 UK

Metrocomp UK locate stock of 20000 pieces, IRF3205S in Canada. But parts are packed in Tubes of 50. Ericsson's contract manufacturer, Sanmina-SCI Hungary requires part on Tape & Reel, to be compatible with their production equipment.

25 May 19:59 UK

Ericsson authorise Metrocomp to purchase 20000 pieces IRF3205S. Metrocomp UK secure stock. Parts ship to Metrocomp USA office. Metrocomp USA to arrange conversion from Tube to Tape and Reel package by specialist component re-packing company in Los Angeles.

27 May 10:03 Western USA

Parts arrive Metrocomp USA.

27 May 17:49 Stockholm, Sweden

Metrocomp UK representative arrives from Heathrow to Stockholm. Hands over IRF3205S samples sourced overnight from a UK distributor to Ericsson Senior Purchasing Manager, waiting at airport. Ericsson requires samples for own product certification in Sweden, before release of production approval.

28 May 16:39 Western USA

IRF3205S 20000 pieces now in Tape & Reel packing with correct orientation, ship from Metrocomp USA to Sanmina-SCI Hungary.

30 May 11:12 Hungary

IRF3205S 20000 pieces arrive Sanmina-SCI Hungary. Ready for Ericsson production launch. Problem solved.