Excess Inventory


Your excess stock could be someone's critical shortage. We have the tool's to match them. Many manufacturers only use parts within two-year date code, so the value of your inventory may reduce over time. Turn surplus, excess or obsolete inventory into cash. We have several asset recovery programmes, tailored to customer needs.

Excess Inventory Lot Purchase

  • We purchase your stock. Immediate stock write off, and return of warehouse capacity.
  • Companies can spend 20% of the value of their inventory on storage and management annually.

Excess Inventory Consignment

  • We take excess stock into our warehouse. Customer retains ownership of stock.
  • Agree the minimum price for each line, based on cost, and spot market analysis. We aim to maximise your return.
  • Proactively market inventory to our global network of distributors, brokers and end users.
  • Using our MAST system, web tools and industry search engines your stock is matched to Buyer requirements 24 hours per day

Excess Inventory E-Consignment

  • Inventory will remain at your facility.
  • Metrocomp purchase inventory, on an line by line basis. Proactively market your inventory for free.