BOM Cost Reduction


Leveraging our 20+ years in the industry, Metrocomp specialise in BOM cost and vendor base reduction. Transform your Purchasing from a fulfilment exercise to a dynamic profit centre.

We have Sourcing Specialists and Warehouses located in Europe, Asia and North America. Our ability to pay suppliers in their own currency, and accept delivery nearby, means we become a local customer anywhere in the World. This advantage allows us to tap the lowest prices from different markets and pass savings onto customers. Component manufacturers geographically restrict their appointed franchise distributors. This attempt to control pricing and who has access to inventory and when, means it can be difficult for customers to get the best deals. Metrocomp can navigate these differences and often find the best price and availability options.

Key Benefits

  • Fewer Purchase Orders
  • Fewer Invoices
  • Reduced Carriage Costs
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Less need for Negotiation & Expediting
  • Fewer Goods-in & Stores Movements
  • Reduced waste & packaging
  • Reduced production shortages
  • Companies spend on average around 20% of the value of their inventory on storage and handling. After implementing a vendor reduction programme this is reduced significantly, whilst improving your company delivery and financial performance.